Spiritual Principles in Leadership

Episode 231: Spiritual Principles in Leadership Anyone can be a leader living by spiritual principles; it doesn’t matter whether you are at ages 4, 34 or 84. What matters is that we live by principles that are of higher understanding. … Read More

5 Great Little Tranquilizers

Episode 219: 5 Great Little Tranquilizers This has been a stressful period for all of us. Whether you’re gifted, intensely sensitive or not, problems feel magnified that arise from health to economic, social, political and environmental things. It’s just everywhere. … Read More

How to Define a Coach Vs. Mentor

  “A mentor is somebody who is like a trusted guide, a counselor.”  — Dianne A. Allen  How important is a strong support system? How can you tell if you need help? In this week’s episode, we’re going to highlight … Read More