Taking Care of You with Jamie Lieber

Jamie Lieber on Someone Gets Me podcast


Welcome to the Someone Gets Me podcast where you will hear stories of inspiration and hope realized. Hosted by Dianne Allen, Intuitive Empowerment Mentor, who specializes in working with people who want to be freed from being stuck in life. You will hear personal stories and professional insights along with tips on how to conquer overthinking, procrastination and more. If you are bright and sensitive, this podcast is for you too!

In this episode, I interview Jamie Lieber. Jamie Lieber L.Ac. is a licensed Chinese Medicine practitioner and the owner of Nurturing Life Clinic in San Francisco. The clinic offers acupuncture, body work, nutritional counseling, and self-care classes to help you learn to take the best care of YOU in a supportive, fun, and collaborative environment. Our conversation is packed with amazing insights about Jamie’s personal and professional journey, including fitness and healthy habits for the busy family

Topics we discuss include:

  • Jamie’s thoughts and beliefs regarding work life balance and wellness
  • Jamie’s life as an entrepreneur
  • Jamie’s strategy regarding overthinking
  • Suggestions for personal fitness for entrepreneurs
  • Additional insights and tips for your success, including inspiration to restore your health


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