The Art and Science of Success with Chad Burmeister

“I believe in living emotionally, spiritually, and mentally aligned.” 

— Dianne A. Allen


Success requires honoring your way, not trying to be someone you’re not, and identifying what lights up your whole world the most. In this episode, we are joined by another successful entrepreneur, Chad Burmeister. 


Part One of ‘The Art and Science of Success with Chad Burmeister’


Since his early twenties, he has served as an inside sales leader and disruptor to usher in an outbound strategy for pipeline generation and growth at companies including Cisco-WebEx, RingCentral, ON24, ConnectAndSell, and RingCentral. Today, he’s teaching Founders, CEOs, and CROs how to leverage artificial intelligence to dominate their markets. 


His passion is to help regular people become the greatest sales professionals in the world through his years of best practices from advising high-growth companies to deploy a highly-effective pipeline generation machine.


“I’m leveling up my mindset every day.” – Chad Burmeister


Chad is a spiritual person who makes sure that He runs his business God’s way, everywhere he has worked since graduating from college and even the way he managed teams in the past. Are you curious about what inspired him to go from being a salesperson or employee into a business owner? Because those are entirely different in so many ways. This is how he got started, and you’re about to get blown away by his story. 


One day he heard a speaker who happens to be the CEO of a pharmaceutical company and runs another private equity investment company. She throws the question, “How did you first make money in life?” That moment, he remembered an old memory of him as ten or twelve years old who was very competitive and always keen on winning kind of person. That’s how he thought of transitioning from sales to entrepreneurship. 


Part Two of ‘The Art and Science of Success with Chad Burmeister’


Chad shares helpful tips on how you can live a fulfilled life. First, loving God above anything else. Second, to love your neighbor as yourself. Third, take care of your physical and mental health. Many people think that they can jump into the success zone without taking care of themselves, being open, and being teachable. That’s where the art of expanding steps in because we’re meant to keep evolving instead of staying stuck in one place. This is how Chad became an effective business owner in the long run. 


“Personal development and self-care are essential to being successful.” – Dianne A. Allen 


He had the luxury of working for WebEx from 2005 to 2007. Even in the office, they were using WebEx to do a broadcast to the whole office. He finds that virtual communication, especially during these social distancing days, helps everyone connect. You can screen share, read notes on the side of your screen, and so many more things that you can do than being in person. 


Chad has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs generate thousands of meetings and millions in pipeline and bookings. He’s the best person to work with when learning the art and science of success!


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