The Curse of Being Gifted with Dianne A. Allen

Episode 225: The Curse of Being Gifted with Dianne A. Allen


Being gifted feels like a curse and a blessing. How do we NOT walk around discouraged, demoralized, upset and depressed for being GIFTED? By first accepting that yes, we are indeed different and second, by knowing that how we are made is remarkable and holds a contribution to the world. 


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeThe Curse of Being Gifted with Dianne A. Allen ▶️


✔️  Overexcitabilities because of our eccentricities are what other people consider a disability and a bane, and we adopt them. It’s time we challenge that lie and accept that being gifted is a different and beautiful experience.


✔️ It’s a blessing to be a gifted, quirky, geeky person in the 2% of the world population.  See yourself as this beautiful, dynamic, ever-fluid gift and blessing to yourself and everyone else. 


✔️ What you’re calling a curse is a gift turned up loud.  Being gifted means possessing the difference from neurotypical people who watch a three-inch black and white TV while we’re in a 3D surround sound, fully immersive experience.  


The volume, colors and experience are different, and it’s beautiful. And if somebody has taught you that it’s a curse or you feel misunderstood, look again and see the blessing and know that you have control over all that. 


✔️ You are never alone. I invite you to seek other gifted people, discover multiple peer groups, work to find different ways to connect and then you’ll see very quickly that what you possess is truly a gift and a blessing.




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