The Dark Side of Being Gifted with Michelle Royal and Dianne A. Allen

Episode 224: The Dark Side of Being Gifted with Michelle Royal and Dianne A. Allen


Welcome to a new episode of Someone Gets Me. I sat down with client and friend Michelle Royal, an innovation expert and intensely sensitive business leader. This is quite a unique yet special show as we share with you this authentic conversation representing many of our discussions over our life’s journey as highly sensitive and gifted people. We talk about the pain of otherness, handling anxiety and depression, and the many other things we’ve had to overcome to get where we are now and what we still work through every single day. 


 Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeThe Dark Side of Being Gifted with Michelle Royal ▶️


✔️  Belonging and being heard is so important. Being different and alienated is what we may feel for most of our lives. It can be a real rough ride to reach a point of validation and feel like you belong somewhere. 


✔️ “There is no need to pathologize.” Michelle shares that this is the advice that saved her life. With intensities she didn’t know how to manage, she went through numerous treatments, programs and events until she understood that there was nothing wrong with her. Depression and anxiety didn’t debilitate me anymore. I could fully utilize my gifts, put things in place and walk through them.” 


✔️ Create new rules. Understand the spirit of laws. Know how to dance in the chaos. According to Michelle, this can be your beautiful experience when you finally accept who you are. “I follow my heart, which for me is sometimes more important than my gut. That’s the daydream. Not only is it more fun, but you literally get to write the rules.”


✔️ You can be joyful, beautiful, difficult and messy all the same time. The intense, sensitive people are here to bring the change forward since we can see things multifaceted and feel things on such a deep level. 


✔️  Purpose can be a powerful energy producer. You can get out of bed every day committed to your personal evolution and excited to expand your ability to make a difference for others.


Michelle Royal is an innovation expert with over twenty years of experience. She specializes in developing tools and frameworks for global enterprise clients, helping them identify and implement ideas yielding multi-million dollar returns. In 2013, Michelle built Royal Innovation Design Group (RIDG) with her collective knowledge and unique methods to help companies address the critical levers for innovation success. 


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