The Effects of Good Lighting in Daily Life

Episode 213: The Effects of Good Lighting in Daily Life

With Rhiannon Rodriguez-Betts


Rhiannon Rodriguez-Betts is one of the most talented lighting directors that there is around. As a multi-specialist, Rhiannon is equally comfortable building a stage, setting up equipment, sending out rigging points or setting up artist hospitality. A multipotentialite and a creative genius, she sheds some light on the vital mindset of following your passions and sustaining joy and energy in a demanding industry.


Key points covered in this episode:


✔️ The importance of enjoying what you do. Rhiannon shares that the nature of her job can be highly stressful, but she lives by the idea of why work in the entertainment industry if you don’t find it entertaining? 


✔️ Find possibilities in the mundane of daily life. “We uncover something else to do with our time besides being upset and finding entertainment in whatever it is that we’re doing.”


✔️ To handle different and difficult personalities at work can be very challenging for Rhiannon over the years. Still, she considers opportunities to grow and figure out how to communicate with fellow people. It is essential to listen to what it is that they’re saying and hopefully not react poorly.


 ✔️Why not get into this exciting profession? There is an international alliance of theatrical and stage employees all over the United States and Canada. You can connect with a local one nearby, see if they accept applications, and give them a shot. There are lots of opportunities all over the world as well to try. 


 ✔️Show up in the world with your spiritual integrity, your authority, and quit playing small. Be a lighthouse and shine your light from the inside out. 


Rhiannon Rodriguez-Betts is regarded as one of the most sought-after lighting directors and stage crew members in the city of Portland. She takes an artistic approach each time she designs a show with strong attention to the details laid out by each artist. Rhiannon’s artistry can be seen at all of Portland’s major concert facilities, including the Roseland Theater, Crystal Ballroom, and sporting events at the Moda Center. As a multi-specialist, Rhiannon is equally as comfortable building a stage, setting up equipment, sending out rigging points or setting up artist hospitality as a lighting director. 


Rhiannon has a solid commitment to her community and often answers calls to activism. One such answer brought her to serve a term as President of her union International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 28; another saw her serving in the Oregon Employment Department Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Benefit Workgroup. She is dedicated to assisting others wherever she can.


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