The Environment Created by Distinguished Leaders

Distinguished Leaders are innovative. They open the door for experimentation, research and the breaking of outdated stereotypes. It requires an open mind that is keen to new ideas, the unknown and resistance within growth processes.  The environment created by Distinguished Leaders has notable characteristics.

There are 5 notable characteristics that open the door for vision.

These traits are:

  1. Superb Listening is the Standard: A Distinguished Leader builds strength in others by truly listening to what they are saying and to what they are not saying. Listening takes time and attentiveness and a Distinguished Leader is willing to invest in others.
  2. Serving is a Priority: A Distinguished Leader arranges time and commitment around opportunities and a focus on serving others. This is evident both within the team and also in the leader’s life. You will often hear a Distinguished Leaders asking how to serve before any other comment.
  3. Maintaining Hope is a Focus: Hope is the anticipation of the good that is coming. Hope keeps the dream and vision alive and keeps the team focused toward the goals. Hope is the fuel that helps get through challenges and the navigator for the affirming aspects of work.
  4. Authentic Cheer-leading is Valued: A Distinguished Leader truly celebrates others success. The underlying envy or judgment is absent. Distinguished Leaders truly and deeply want to see others succeed without any reservations.
  5. Nourished by Reflection Daily: A Distinguished Leader is nourished by reflecting and going within for focus, affirmation and fuel for the journey. Distinguished Leaders naturally reflect and become quiet to use that time to make great strides and set up success.

If you relate strongly to these 5 key points, then you may be a Distinguished Leader; someone who sets themselves apart from average leadership type behaviors. The environment created with these 5 skills is more powerful and productive. You align more fully with your value system rather than being distracted. Your greatest challenge is in maintaining your alignment with your values while leading in a society or culture that may not be operating by the higher standards. Your social value system is one that may not be common which takes resolve and focus to live out.

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One Comment on “The Environment Created by Distinguished Leaders”

  1. Dianne you are so correct in this article. Having taught companies of all sizes how to create a vision and values for their organizations , these keys are vital. Thank you for this article…

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