The Five C’s to Living Your Greatest Ambitions

The Five C’s to Living Your Greatest Ambitions

So many people are living outside of themselves. They pick a vision and a goal and believe that their results rely on external factors beyond their control. There’s fate; there’s luck and difficult circumstances that dictate whether they can realize their dreams or not. In reality, knowing your WHY and the entire idea of living your ambition are all inside. It’s called an “internal locus of control” where the mind, heart, gut, and spirit are all aligned. 


In this episode, learn the five C’s of living your greatest ambitions. Go after living from the inside out, and achieve your purpose in all of your magnificence and glory. 


Key point covered in this episode: 


#1 Compassion. In today’s world, kindness is becoming a luxury. We may have our own emotional needs that have to be filled, but it shouldn’t stop us from choosing to be kind. Consciously start being nice by enhancing compassion for yourself and others. Be gentle, be kind, and it will improve the quality of your life.


#2 Candor. Let candor be your superpower. Dealing with the uncomfortable and having the boldness to handle difficult conversations is a form of kindness to the people around you. Allow yourself to live and be in the truth of your being, soul, heart, and mind in an authentic and aligned way. 


#3 Choice. When you tell yourself, “I don’t have a choice,” that, my friend, isn’t true. Multiple options are available to you. When you find them scary or uncomfortable, making decisions becomes more challenging, and you feel trapped or cornered. 


#4 Consequences. Consider the consequences of your actions. They serve as immediate feedback whenever you make a wrong decision and when you take the proper direction or not. 


When people say they’re afraid to take the first step because it may not be the right one, that’s all right. Allow yourself to start ugly. Because when you take that step, the universe immediately tells you if you’re in the right place or not. 


#5 Connection. It has many kinds:

  • Connecting to our universe
  • Our world at large
  • Connecting to other people and beings and ourselves

We’re breathing more fully when we’ve connected to the internal locus of control that comes forward from ourselves, and we can do what we need to do. We can live our vision. We can live by our ambition in a clear, beautiful, amazing, and empowered way. 



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