The Importance of Setting Goals with Darlene Whitehurst

The Importance of Setting Goals with Darlene Whitehurst

Often people may feel as though they’re adrift. They work tirelessly, but they don’t seem satisfied and feel like they’re not worth the effort.


A core argument they hold for these views is that they’ve never invested enough time setting goals for themselves. Simply put, will you head off for a big journey with no apparent knowledge of your destination? Definitely not!


In life, goals are what push us forward; they are the oxygen to our dreams. Thus, it would be best to recognize the meaning and value of establishing goals and adapting this understanding to your life.


In this week’s episode of Someone Gets Me, we will be joined by the founder of Goalfriends, Darlene Whitehurst. We’ll share meaningful discussions on The Importance of Setting Goals and how a consistent planning process about your perfect future and encouraging oneself to transform starts with setting your goals.


Key takeaways covered in the episode:


  • Most people set their goals at the start of the year with their new year’s resolution. However, resolutions don’t last. They have about an 8 % chance, and by about January 19th, most people have aborted most of the resolutions.


  • Goal setting is often overlooked, yet the power of goal setting is where you start with anything. Don’t let the start stop you.


  • Getting clear with your goals is the key! Remember that clarity equals confidence, and confidence is empowering. It will motivate you neurologically to do more.


  • Write your goals, share them, and have an accountability partner; you have almost a 100% chance of doing it. That’s neuroscience! That’s a fact! That’s statistics!


  • Remember always to trust your vision. Even if you don’t see how it’s going to happen or think the timing is wrong, there are answers and revelations.


More Information about Darlene Whitehurst:

Darlene is the Founder + CEO of GF Global, LLC featuring the global brand, GoalFriends®,and the Director of the GoalFriends Global Foundation.

She has built and currently leads an international community of over 1,000+ female members.

Her programs are designed to inspire life transformations by teaching strategies on dream making, goal setting, and purposeful living. She has made it her life’s mission to teach transformational strategies of empowerment through her GoalFriends programs, and to serve marginalized communities through the foundation efforts. She is also passionate to work closely with millennials, thereby cultivating our future female leaders.


She is currently publishing her book, Goal.os.ophy – You Reap What You Goal, available in the fall of 2020.


Born in Vallejo, California and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Darlene resides in Raleigh, North Carolina and shares her time in Santa Barbara, California. She is a lifelong learner, thought leader and world traveler.


Darlene enjoys entertaining with family and friends, and of course, her GoalFriends.


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