The Loneliness Cure

The Loneliness Cure


Loneliness plagues the gifted and twice-exceptional — the people who don’t live in the boxes of life, which is most of us, right? This often results in becoming addicted to alcohol, drugs, food and all kinds of stuff. 


In this episode, I want to talk about how to cure that loneliness, fix that disconnection, and remedy that part of our yearning for something more. Look at five significant areas in your life to see the overarching picture and help you understand simple, easy and manageable ways to start filling up holes that need to be filled. It’s time to realize that your loneliness is an inside situation. 


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeLoneliness Cure with Dianne A Allen. ▶️


✔️  #1 Mental Clarity. Our belief systems, attitudes about things and what we say to ourselves matters. Our brain believes in our own voice above all others. If you often say, “Oh, I’m not good enough, nobody likes me, or they’ll never understand me, and say it over and over, you will create that experience. 


✔️  #2 Physical Motion. Develop a sense of physical ease by taking better care of yourself and pursuing movement. Doing so allows you to get comfortable in your own skin. Great things to do for this are Taichi, Qigong or Yoga. Be in your body and not just in your head. 


✔️  #3 Emotional Freedom. Emotion is the energy source that tells us we’re alive. We feel excitement and fear that are the same biochemically. The difference is in our minds. So what are we doing with the energy source that tells us we’re alive? Are we allowing our energy to flow and be kind and compassionate? Or are we withholding things? 


✔️  #4 Spiritual Assurance. You are totally perfect as you are. Connect to your calling and how you are meant to be in the world. The more you live that with integrity, the easier it is to cure that loneliness because you’ll draw other people to you with that energy of yours that will be attracted to that part of you. 


✔️  #5 Social Connections. We need people in our corner that get us. The ones that understand who we are and how we operate. Like musicians need to talk about rhythm and melody, artists discuss perspectives and colors and hues, writers who express with words — we need to have the people in our world who understand our language. We should have multiple peer groups that feed different parts of ourselves.




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