The Mental Game for Gifted Creatives

Episode 254: The Mental Game For Gifted Creatives

I don’t play golf, but there’s a wonderful golf channel that I ardently follow on YouTube! 🏌️⛳ It’s called Let’s Play Thru, hosted by a friend, a gifted multipotentialite Gabe Aluisy. 


The show is definitely well-viewed by 400,000 subscribers tuning in each month from across the globe. Gabe’s authentic message and powerful energy attract a wide following and moves people to take action. 


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets Me ▶️ The Mental Game For Gifted Creatives with Gabe Aluisy. 


Key points covered in this episode: 


✔️ Creativity is cyclical. It comes and goes, and we flow with it. Learn to tap into that constant energy, connect and allow it. Trust those elegant ideas will always show up and visualize that all things work out for the greater good. 


✔️Write it down FAST. Content creators like Gabe Aluisy swear by the power of keeping a notebook handy. 🗒️✨ We all get ideas all the time, but the problem is we forget about them! When a thought comes, just write it down and see them filling up the pages like a treasure box where your next viral post will come from. 


✔️ It’s fun to grow, change, evolve and bring cool ideas into the world! 

Any time you’re nervous about doing something, it’s probably a good thing to try. Be willing to start and see where that leads. Trust your ability, the universe, and the process.


✔️ Put out that authentic energy, and the same thing comes back. 

Gabe recommends letting the emotions come through. Editing or reshooting videos is a no-go when you prioritize the rawness and authenticity with the viewers. “That will turn some people off, and some people will feel more connected. The thing is, in any endeavor, you know, you’re not going to please everybody. But if you put yourself out there, if you’re raw, and show your emotion, you’ll get that same thing back.”


Gabe Aluisy is a 4-time author and podcaster and currently hosts the Lets Play Thru channel on YouTube, with over 400,000 viewers each month from across the globe. 


Follow him on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.



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