The New Paradigm

The New Paradigm

Daily action brings about powerful results. It is time for the new paradigm that supports your personal transformation. I will be examining the essential steps for the new paradigm in this and other articles. We live in a society that is often focused on vacations and time off, so we can be seduced into thinking that we can work hard and then relax and become lazy or slothful. Not the case at all! The new paradigm consists of allowing life to flow through you as you while taking healthy actions. The new paradigm is one of awareness, action and freedom.

The new paradigm has five simple steps:

  1. Allowing Awareness
  2. Accepting Responsibility
  3. Identifying Healthy Alternatives
  4. Taking Action
  5. Moving into Freedom

Each step has many facets and unique aspects. Each of us experiences the new paradigm through our autobiography. The steps are simple yet not always easy. We learn and evolve and transform at our own rate, with our own personal style. I will cover each step in more detail in future articles.

You can be focused and centered on your journey and have feelings of doubt and worry. You have many facets. Your feelings are not always a good indicator of your progress, just as your self-talk doesn’t always tell you the truth. In the challenging times, your discernment steps in to support your decisions. I find it helpful to have written reminders to keep me on track. Little notes that give me a visual reminder of my focus makes all the difference.

The beauty of these steps and this plan is that it can be made uniquely perfect for each person. This is not a one-size-fits-all or “just do it this one way and you’ll be fine” type of lifestyle.

The new paradigm is a progressive and profound way to change the trajectory of your life.

You can move from self-destruction to Freedom and Joy with focus, intention and a desire for a better life. You are in control and can go anywhere with these steps as your ongoing guide.

These steps and this paradigm are a daily prescription for your freedom and happiness. Resting on your laurels will only create more ups and downs for you and your life. If you want a roller coaster, then go for it! Many people seek a change because they are tired of the ups and downs and the unpredictability of their lives. To have some sense of focus and support, you must then begin to make changes in that direction.

Many people have told me that they don’t want to lose their spontaneity by having daily, predictable and consistent actions. What they soon find out is that spontaneity and impulsiveness are two very different things. The truth is that by having daily right actions for your life, you create more available time and energy to be more spontaneous and enjoy fun-loving activities!

There is a nice, compounding synergy that happens as you walk this path. You begin to see the value of additional avenues of support and freedom. You drop the judgment and other-focus and exchange that for a more powerful way of living. You begin to look for ways to serve others, and you establish and maintain healthy boundaries to preserve your inner integrity.

You will not be able to do this perfectly if judged by your previously-held rigid standards. You are always doing this perfectly by the standard you choose. Remember, you are in the navigator’s seat—not the driver’s seat. You choose where you are going, and the universe conspires to come together and get you to that place. When you try to drive, you drive into ditches because you cannot see what the collective universe sees on your behalf.

Being the navigator is much more fun because you get to say where to go, and you can change your mind! The driver must listen to the navigator and go where instructed. By relinquishing the wheel and all the control and choosing to guide the already abundant energy, you have the power to create a life far more amazing than the limiting one you previously could see by just driving.

The New Paradigm In the sailing world, when we are racing, the navigator has his or her attention outside the boat, looking for opportunity, potential challenges and factors needed to get the boat across the finish line and into the harbor in an efficient manner. The navigator must also rely on the performance of the helmsman, the crew and the vessel. It is a team.

The helmsman (driver) steers the vessel and follows the direction of the navigator/tactician. Would you rather be the one who learns the many facets of life and calls your shots, or would you rather “shut up and drive”? If you do not perform the way you imagine in one race, there is always another. It is not the end of the world whether you win, lose or come in the middle. You always learn.

In your life, there are many races and many opportunities. Each day is a new mile marker, because there is no actual finish line. By shifting your paradigm to one of awareness and service, you can now more fully be engaged in your life and make better choices. You can always change your mind, because this is what ultimately changes your world.

Your primary thoughts today point you toward where your life will be in the next year or two. I ask you: Are your thoughts serving the highest good for all? (You are included in that “all.”) This is the opportunity for you to create the life you imagine for yourself without the bondage of addiction or other chronic habits. You can be free! Simply say YES and then get to work!

You will experience a new excitement and freedom in your life as you make the small changes that all add up to your ultimate success and freedom. Many people have gone before you and you will be the inspiration for many others as they begin to awaken. Begin your journal and keep writing, no matter how little. The best time to start is now. Your life and time are always moving forward. In short order, you will be able to look back and be amazed at your growth in a short time.  Know that you are fully supported and loved as you create your beautiful life.

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