The Passion of Serving People & Being Part of a Community with Emmanuel Soba

“My ultimate goal is to impact millions of lives.” — Emmanuel Soba


There’s more to every person than meets the eye. Everybody has an interesting story to tell. The kind of story that deserves to be unlocked and be shared with the whole world. In this week’s episode, Dianne A. Allen welcomes Emmanuel Soba and talks about serving other people and being part of a community. 


Part One of ‘The Passion of Serving People & Being Part of a Community with Emmanuel Soba’


Emmanuel is only thirty-three, but his achievements are mind-blowing. He went from being homeless (living in his car) to becoming a personal trainer in Washington, D.C. The manager whom he had an interview with called him one time and said, “I don’t know what it is about you, but there’s something about you and I want you to give you a chance. We’re going to hire you.” 


“When people come together with a common purpose, that builds a sense of community no matter what it is.” – Dianne A. Allen 


Eventually, he became one of the top fitness experts, trained celebrities, and created a body sculpting studio. Nine years later, he opened up his own marketing agency where he extended help to other business owners on how to scale their business. He now owns three businesses that he runs autopilot, while he gets to work on different things. 


Part Two of ‘The Passion of Serving People & Being Part of a Community with Emmanuel Soba’


Serving others and being part of a community is somehow about creating long-lasting memories. One of the ways for him to do this is by creating a TV series. Without spoiling the details too much, he’s working with different people to turn this plan into a reality. The goal is for everybody to sit down in front of their 24-hour marathon and not just watch an ordinary Christmas story movie, but be able to engage with the casts and get goosebumps. 


“My moral obligation is to create a legacy that will continue to give back long after I’m gone.” – Emmanuel Soba


It’s exciting because this shows that when people come together with a common purpose or common love for something, no matter what it is, it builds a sense of community. It becomes a place for everyone to feel safe, heard, and understood. This upcoming TV series is one of Emmanuel’s ways to create that memory not just for himself, but for many generations to come.


About Emmanuel Soba


With an extensive background in fitness, marketing and sales, Emmanuel is an expert on strategy design and implementation. This work led me to my current role at A Christmas Story Family where I am responsible for marketing, sales, and creating business relationships for leveraging growth and impact. Some of my current projects include A Christmas Story Family engagement group with the cast, a brand-new TV series, an awesome giveaway contest, and free autographs from the cast to their fans.


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Co-founder of A Christmas Story Family – 

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