The Power of Music with Paul ILL

“Most people love to listen to soundtracks with the most emotional resonance with them.” 

— Paul ILL (23:24-23:30)

Did you know that music has the power to influence your emotions? No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music because it can barge into the soul with no boundaries or limitations. In this week’s episode, let’s talk about the power of music with my guest, Paul ILL.


Part One of ‘The Power of Music with Paul ILL’


Life-long bassist/songwriter PAUL ILL counts playing with the WILLIE DIXON FAMILY BAND at Mr. Dixon’s wake, tracking live in a London studio with TINA TURNER, playing and songwriting with CHRISTINA AGUILERA, PINK, ALICIA KEYS and performing with BOB WEIR as career peak experiences.


He is a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, who, as a studio bassist, has played on recordings that have sold over 20 million records. He has sold more than 4.5 million records as a songwriter Paul has active copyrights with Christina Aguilera, Pink, Courtney Love (Hole), Michael Des Barres, and Juliette Lewis.  


His recording and touring credits include the afore-mentioned Tina Turner, Bob Weir, Annie Lennox, Linda Perry (whom he counts as a crucial influence and mentor), Courtney Love, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Pink, Daniel Powter, James Blunt, Michael Des Barres, Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), Bill Ward (Black Sabbath), and Wayne Kramer (MC5) to name a few.


“Look at the great songwriters that we all love of every generation. They can take you someplace in a very short amount of time.” – Paul ILL (21:01-21:09)


Paul is a “first call” studio musician, songwriter, orchestrator and arranger for esteemed record producers such as Jack Douglas, Little Steven Van Zant, Guy Chambers, Michael Lloyd, Bobby Owsinski and the previously mentioned Linda Perry. The iconic Tom Dowd also made use of Paul’s bass playing.

“I owe Jack Douglas a lifetime debt of gratitude for his mentorship early in my career and our continued friendship and creative collaborations.”

Throughout his career, Paul has created music for film and television.  


He co-wrote the theme music for the annual Comedy Central Awards show, including many cues and songs explicitly created for numerous network and independent films and TV shows. The list includes but is not limited to The David Attell Show, The Gong Show, Fast Track to Fame, and The Missy Elliot Reality Show.  He has composed scores for numerous independent films, most recently “Any Day,” by writer/director Rustam Branaman, featuring Sean Bean.


He, along with Bobby Owsinski, is the co-author of “The Studio Musician’s Handbook,” published internationally by Hal Leonard Music Publishing.

Currently, Paul is an MFT Trainee who utilizes Narrative therapeutic concepts and non-traditional approaches to offer transformational experiences to a very diverse client population. He teaches songwriting for Jail Guitar Doors at the California Institute for Men.  


Part Two of ‘The Power of Music with Paul ILL’


According to Paul, with the advent of digital technology and the way music is created now, it’s not the same anymore compared to the golden age of 60s, 70s, and 80s. Nonetheless, it’s a matter of what context you’re creating as a musician, the energy you portray, and what culture you’re producing.


His decades of experience as a successful songwriter and professional recording musician combined with his progressive applications of holistic health practices combine to facilitate positive change for individuals, couples, families, and organizations.


“There’s value in getting back to our roots, experiencing, and playing music.” – Dianne A. Allen (28:44-28:49)


Over the years, he has created a compendium of interactive, individual, and group experiences that empower clients to transform through the processes of songwriting and music creation geared for the non-musician from any age group or cultural demographic.


Paul finds narrative songwriting as a therapeutic tool. I can relate to that because I grew up listening to classic songs since my mom was a concert pianist. I fell in love with instrumental music, especially saxophones. Music has a durable, healing nature that serves as a good force in anybody’s life. Music brings life and color to the world. It can evoke emotions, especially if the lyrics of the song convey the story of your life. It has become more than just a form of entertainment. It has become a source of therapy for those who are looking for new ways of healing. 


If you’re having a rough week, think about the soundtrack with the most emotional resonance. Grab your favorite drink, listen to your favorite song, consider its powerful effect on your health, and have fun.


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