The Struggles of Highly Intelligent People with Dianne A. Allen

The Struggles of Highly Intelligent People with Dianne A. Allen

Yes, there are REAL struggles that come with being intelligent. Whether they’re called gifted, geeky, or smarty pants, it isn’t always easy for intelligent people to navigate the world. It’s tricky for intelligent people to realize how beautiful they are, but not impossible. And once they do understand how special they are, that realization often takes them to new and amazing places they couldn’t have imagined before. 


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeThe Struggles of Highly Intelligent People with Dianne A. Allen ▶️


✔️  Intelligent people are often chastised for simply being who they are. There is a general perception that different is wrong. Instead of chastising or criticizing people for being different, we should embrace our unique differences in order to create a better world for everyone.


✔️ Trying to “be normal” isn’t going to work. There’s no point in trying to be “normal” when being “normal” is subjective to every person. Your normal might be someone else’s version of eccentric. Focus on being yourself and accepting people as they are.


✔️ Misunderstandings happen, but they don’t have to define you. Sometimes intelligent people miss social cues that lead to misunderstandings with other people. It takes work, but they can learn and get better at handling those situations in the future with practice.


✔️ The struggles of highly intelligent people can lead to unexpected breakthroughs.  It might take a while for intelligent people to realize who and what they are, but the struggles and hardships experienced along that journey can be used for good, and may even lead to some of their greatest successes. 



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