The Unassuming Superpower with Dianne A. Allen

Episode 251: The Unassuming Superpower with Dianne A. Allen


Because we live in an extroverted world where there are shiny objects here and there, we get so hooked as a society on destination addiction. We get to be all about Where am I going? And How fast can I get there? This mindset releases the idea of enjoying the ride and appreciating our path. 


And so what I notice is that the flashy, crazy stuff that people pursue gets way more attention than those created by grounded, centered, and real people. Now, I’m not implying that extroverted people are not authentic. But how many gifted, introverted, and deeply connected people often get overlooked? They’re dismissed as “Oh, they’re too spiritual” or “too woo woo.” They are being judged by their cover. 


Key point covered in this episode: 


✔️The shiny object syndrome creates dissonance for many people and distracts them from who they really are. So if you’re smiling all day for others and yet feel existential angst, unhappiness, and doubts inside yourself — recognize the lack of alignment and dysregulation. That has long-term negative consequences on your being spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 


✔️When somebody is in that aligned inner state, they’re more powerful than those who are so distracted out there that they cannot see what’s going on. Judging the book by its cover works against you. 


✔️The introverted, empathic, deep-thinking people are attentive to what you’re saying and what you’re not saying. Seek them out, and they will hear with the heart, soul, and interest. That’s much more powerful than the external thing. They are humble, compassionate, and with great candor and integrity.


✔️What is the “unassuming superpower?” It is the skill of deep listening – leaning closely beyond the ears and connecting from a place of humility. The listener with a peaceful mind and open heart is receptive and responsive to the experience. 


✔️ When I work with people and dial in on those deeper levels, I employ an unassuming superpower. People who work with me go, “Wow, what you said really works,” or “I didn’t realize that conversation was so powerful,” because it’s possible to be friendly and transformative without being flashy.


✔️When you allow your truths to serve you as your inner compass and learn to thrive in your authenticity, you develop grounding and become stronger than you realize. Yes, humility is a superpower.


✔️ Look within you; do you see what’s trying to emerge? There’s a lot of power in you as the quiet introvert. The silent visionary. The Gifted. The empath. 


✔️Connect with a mentor who can support you from the inside out, get into that calm place of acceptance, beauty, and grace, and witness your transformation emerge.  


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