Thriving Into the New World with Jason Stein

“Don’t miss the boat. Your best days are ahead.” — Dianne A. Allen (40:40-40:43)

COVID-19 has completely turned this world upside down, leaving everyone confused. Are you overdosing on the news recently, and you’re not sure what to do? You can start finding some positive places to be the counterbalance despite all the death tolls so you can guard your gateway — your mind, your body, and your soul.

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  • Thriving into the New World (with Jason Stein)

Back in 2004, Jason Stein became a professional coach for successful entrepreneurs & small business owners looking for support and accountability in achieving healthy profits, healthy relationships, and a healthy impact.

Part One of ‘Thriving into the New World with Jason Stein’

The disadvantage of overusing Facebook is that sometimes if you’re constantly trying to get more information, your body is going to feel heavy. Ultimately, they’ve proven that it lowers the immune system; it increases depression and anxiety. It’s time to take back your attention because the internet wants to pull it away and use it against you.

“Let’s live sustainably and help the world be a healthier place.” – Jason Stein (45:54-45:57)

If you’ve always wanted a daily grounding practice or if you already have one, it’s time to take it deeper. That could be yoga, sun salutations, mindfulness meditation, or prayer. You can start with five to ten minutes a day. But do it every day, and you will slowly, even within twenty-one to thirty days, you’re going to notice a shift in your body. You have to get your body moving during the quarantine since there are billions of home workouts online right now. You can create your own. And if you stop moving your body, things like fear and pain stagnates.

There’s a massive increase in stress eating going on right now. If you can take back your immunity and not wait for someone else to boost it up, your odds are going to be so much better. Meditation and grounding practices and mindfulness raise our immune system because it lowers the fear, which is more established and well known.

Part Two of ‘Thriving into the New World with Jason Stein’

It’s highly advisable to grow a little garden and have some greens in there. Some of the foods that are going to be best for you are those green leafy vegetables. You want to avoid processed foods, which isn’t rocket science. We hear it all the time.

The crazy thing is that the diet industry is a billion moving to a trillion-dollar business. But if you look at the stats, the evidence isn’t there that it’s helpful at all. Let’s take this time to go back to the basics like drink water or breathe deeper breaths. Things can change so much with water and breath. So, if you keep replacing stuff with what’s better, the body is going to feel more nourished.

Let’s focus on behavior modification rather than what we should be doing. You should be eating healthier. You should be improving your body a little bit more. You should be sleeping more at night and unplug your phone or your computer.

“You can make a difference.” – Dianne A. Allen (47:36-47:37)

Make a list of all the things you’ve been thinking about and reclaim it for yourself. We thrive by dialing into who we are on the inside and letting it show up on the outside. We have to get into communities that support that part of us. We’re into a mental game right now, so we have to break that imprisonment, and we have to toughen up a little bit.

If you’re someone who thinks that there’s no solution to all the things happening right now, like it’s all doom and gloom, you’re missing the boat. You must realize that this could be the turning point for you to have your best life ever. Maybe you have less money than you have, but we all experience hardships, but it doesn’t have to take us out. It should teach us how to be more durable and serve as an invitation to step up. Remember, keep your face to the sun, so the shadows fall behind you because you’re a rock star, and you’re here on earth for a great purpose.

About Jason Stein

Jason Stein, LAc has combined over 20 years of experience in the fields of Medicine, Coaching, and Training. Some of his favorite projects have included building an integrative medicine model in a western hospital, teaching Meditation in the Workplace to corporations, and becoming the Chair of Professional Development at the top Acupuncture school in the nation.

Jason loves helping entrepreneurs in his private coaching practice mindfully create more business while enhancing their PRI (Profits, Relationships, and Impact.) He currently resides in Portland Oregon with his wife, 3 children with 1 on the way, and his pitbull Jane Dog. For more information visit

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