Tis the Season

Tis the Season! What does this mean? Are people more generous or kind during this holiday season? I often wonder what changes within folks that generates kindness that they otherwise do not demonstrate yet must have within them all along.

Maybe it is the sales at the stores and people are distracted by retail therapy. When I enter this season of Thanksgiving followed by Joy and Wonder, I sit back and reflect on purpose and meaning of things in my world. I am wondering how many others take this time of year as one of reflection and contemplation, preparing for the new year that is coming.

So, as you are shopping, eating and drinking, entertaining yourself and others, take moments and be grateful for your life and your freedom and ability to share those great moments with others. In the quiet times alone, pause and reflect on the beauty of your life and how you are making a difference simply by breathing and being alive. Truly, you are a beautiful being, deserving of wondrous experiences. Allow a smile to come across your face, share it with others and have excitement for your future. I do!

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