Using Quilting as a Visionary Leader to Help Ground

“There are many creative endeavors that you can apply to your creative life.” — Dianne A. Allen (00:56-00:59)

Have you ever wondered a visionary leader would find solace in quilting? Maybe you think quilting is something from the olden days. Did you know that there are tons of advantages in this creative endeavor that you can apply to your creative life? In this week’s episode, Dianne A. Allen talks about using quilting as a visionary leader to stay grounded.

Part One of ‘Using Quilting as a Visionary Leader to Help Ground’

First of all, the beginner’s mind is essential. To not have a nervous breakdown. If you’re a perfectionist, it can make you go crazy. Which makes it a bad idea. Even if you’re an expert with a lot of things, you must be teachable, willing to learn, and makes mistakes.

“It takes being teachable for a beginner to succeed.” – Dianne A. Allen (04:31-04:38)

Believe it or not, quilting could be better than a therapist. You’ll slowly notice that you’re less stressful and sleeping a lot better than you normally do. Since it takes a lot of creativity to make a good one, it will help develop your patience too.

It can be a fantastic form of meditation. You can get yourself busy creating something, feeling the soft cotton, and not having to worry about whatever is going on in the world.

Part Two of ‘Using Quilting as a Visionary Leader to Help Ground’

Quilting has a way to help you stay grounded, be calm, and meditate. Just like other hobbies out there, when you get to attend classes and do it with other people, you’ll learn how to value the community. After it’s done, you feel that sense of fulfillment for being able to accomplish something.

“Quilting is an amazing way to meditate.” – Dianne A. Allen (07:51-07:55)

There’s way more to quilting than you can imagine. It keeps your mind sharp, alert, and you’ll learn a lot of things. You develop the kind of mindset that it takes to practice to create something perfect. As a visionary leader, reflect on your life and think about what creative things you enjoy most.

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