Vision Anyone?

Visionary Path UnfoldsVision Anyone? What is your vision? I have heard many people say “It is going to be a good year”. Some people have lamented that they are glad last is behind them. Life is so curious with its twists and turns. I think how we label these twists and turns are very important. What is your perspective?

Adopting a yes-and rather than an either-or strategy has decreased my perceived stress and afforded me the chance to remain true to my vision. My vision includes compassion, focused action, high quality questions and serving as many as possible. It is in my cells and faith to think, speak and do as much good for others as possible.

The primary avenue for me is to mentor toward applying vision with precision and authenticity. If you are seeking a mentor to help you with your vision: Apply for a free conversation here.

Precise Application of Your Vision Is Ultimately Important

It is one thing to have a vision and another to have precision regarding the application of the vision. We are all fully equipped for your vision or it wouldn’t be our vision. Do you have the inner confidence to take the actions to apply your vision? It is in the action that comes from the inner knowing that is the transformative agent from hard work and drudgery to working with Joy and Purpose.

Being able to further your vision by applying it to everyday life is a liberating and empowering experience. How do you feel when you are taking action toward your vision? There are many ways to articulate your vision and your unique vision is yours to do in your individual way. The remarkably similar visions are actually applied and brought forth by personal commitment and application. You will enjoy diversity and enthusiasm once you release comparison and judgment of self and others.

As the year unfolds, you will be afforded many avenues to apply your vision. Discern what serves the highest good and take focused action. You will receive powerful results.

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2 Comments on “Vision Anyone?”

  1. As the year has unfolded and we are already in month 3, I decided to take a very giant step back in March and spend the necessary time to really create the structure and processes for my new venture or I will just find myself getting nowhere. It does mean a lot less meet ups, events, etc. but I know that will all be there when I am ready to be “out there” again.

  2. Vision is so critical to living a fulfilled life! Commitment and application can be the difficult part. Having a structure to keep your vision alive and that allows you to see progress on fulfilling your vision are critical and often where things breakdown. Thanks for inspiring others to dream.

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