Weird or Just Different?

Quote about being misunderstood from Autum Romano on blog by Dianne A Allen

Have you ever asked yourself why you are different from others? Have you ever been called different, weird, goofy or nerdy? Just because you see things differently than others does not make you crazy, weird, goofy or nerdy and it does not make the others boring or weird!

I was speaking with my friend recently, she said, “To not be understood is a particular kind of exhaustion.” She is a sensitive and kind woman who is different than the average person in that she has exceptional perceptivity. She, like me, has a different way of experiencing the world. Are we weird or different? Does it even matter to make the distinction?

The more you try to fit into a box that is not meant for you, exhaustion begins to set in and take root.

weird or just different? Connection withlike-minded others is the answer.Maybe, just maybe, what you or others are calling weird is simply a difference and that difference is vital for the benefit of others? The best antidote for this exhaustion that is so common, is to be around like-minded people who get you.  This connection travels deep into the recesses of your being and helps your soul come alive. You will note increased energy and improve creativity that lead into even more resonance.

I believe that honoring our unique differences, weird or not, without judgment or assessment is vital to enhancing our appreciation and diversity in life. When varied ways of experiencing the world come together, much like a puzzle, everyone lives a more enhanced and fulfilled life.

Often our success is what emerges out of whatever mess we have made. In sailboat racing, it is a great example of teamwork when the team can clean up a mess as efficiently as they operate together when things are smooth an going according to plan. Have you ever made a mess of things and in the cleaning up process, you were changed for the better?

I have worked with several clients who have spent time in a hospital or jail as a result of the messes they created. Over time, with focus on their higher good emerging, these people could see how the mess they made could be used to serve them in the future. Now, I am not saying to go make as big a mess as you can. I am saying that things can always be used to serve your greater good at some point. You must remain open and inquisitive, then the answers and inspirations will come.

For all of us who may feel different or even misunderstood, let’s focus on what we can do with life.

Let’s use our energy to bring about a higher and more evolved consciousness than the average of our past.

As the Universe continues to expand, so too we are called to expand.

Open your inner doors to new possibilities and opportunities. By remaining open minded within, you attract amazing people and successes that you could not previously see! Being open minded and having an open-heart means that you are open to the inspired ideas and opportunities and you then use your keen inner discernment to make healthy decisions for your forward movement. Not all great ideas are meant for you to personally accomplish. You may be the conduit, so pay attention to what is your to do!

There is such beauty is the difference of thinking, attitude, feeling and connection of all beings that I find the world to be a magical and wonder-filled place. My inner world is vibrant and rich and sharing that radiant beauty with the world is important to me.

Just as success and understanding are attitudes of your mind, so too the way to express yourself is a reflection of those inner attitudes. You have been given your unique and powerful success formula that only you can unlock and live. Now, go for it and let your unique, goofy, weird, different and amazing inner success come to life!

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It’s a good thing!

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