What Happens When You Accept Being A Gifted Adult

Episode 218: What Happens When You Accept Being A Gifted Adult with Victoria-Rose Supper

Victoria-Rose Supper wears many hats as a social media strategist, publicist, and musician and fully enjoys taking on more interests when she decides to accept her quirkiness as her strength. 


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeWhat Happens When You Accept Being A Gifted Adult ▶️


Key points covered in this episode: 


✔️ Music is the easiest and the most honest way to connect with the world. Victoria shares her journey to knowing herself and how songs and melody became an outlet of her genius and a gift of healing. 


 ✔️ When you try and put yourself into a box — that is such a lonely experience.  When we try to fit ourselves into something that we are not, we have to deny a part of us to do that, which is trying to cut off an arm and pretend we still have two. We’re trained in society to follow and always ensure to be “coloring inside the lines”. We see later in life that we don’t need it. 


✔️  If you don’t take a break, your body will take a break for you. 

Give yourself time, flexibility. Grow and love yourself through the process. 


✔️  What part of you do you continue to deny? Teach yourself to honor your body, mind and heart. Start living the life you are meant to live by embracing yourself fully.


About Victoria-Rose

Building people up has been a life-long passion of Victoria-Rose’s, whether it’s through music, in the classroom, or telling their stories on the internet. 


She’s been lucky enough to get to work with brands and public figures like Dianne A. Allen, With Understanding Comes Calm, the Dali Museum, Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater, and Clearwater Marine Aquarium as a social media strategist and publicist – but her biggest passion lies in music. 

Having begged her parents to let her take piano at the age of five, Victoria-Rose decided from a very young age that music would always be a major part of her life. Although she predominantly performs as an atmospheric pianist, you can also find her playing in the orchestra pit and singing onstage in various theatres across the Tampa Bay Area. 

While not managing social media accounts or making music, Victoria-Rose can be found learning coding for kicks, browsing local bookstores, planning theatre experiences, sampling local tea rooms, and wandering the streets of Downtown St. Pete.


Connect with Victoria-Rose:

Instagram: @atravelingpianist or @soundandstorysmm

Email: soundandstorysmm@gmail.com




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