What It Means to Be an Empowered Woman with Melanie Klein


“Storytelling Can Be A Form of Empowerment.”
—Dianne Allen (01:31-01:43)

Bumping into someone who seems like a perfect match right away is incredible. Especially if that person’s vision aligns with yours. That’s how it all started with Dianne A Allen and Melanie C. Klein, who share amazing stories through a podcast interview. In this episode, they talk about what it means to be an authentically empowered person.

Part One of ‘What It Means to Be an Empowered Woman’

Melanie says that storytelling is the most engaging way to share things. Her curiosity started when she stepped into an incredible class at a community college called the ‘sociology of women’. She didn’t have the awareness or the understanding of what it was or why it was even important for her. It was very vague. Through the guidance of her mentor, she remembered there were many times she felt very small.

“Empowerment is about fully embracing who you are.” – Dianne Allen (20:19-20:31)

Many women are rooted in a large system of oppression. That was one of the toxic and dysfunctional aspects of Melanie’s upbringing and experiences. But she realized that she wasn’t lacking anything. The problem was growing up in a culture where girls and women are systematically oppressed. They end up internalizing oppression and creating barriers in their own way. The doubts and lack of self-worth were instilled because girls and women are objectified. She realized empowerment is something larger than herself, she is fine the way she is and that there are exciting new possibilities available for her. That was her first step toward authentic empowerment.

Her mentor supported her all the way through. Melanie soon had a light bulb moment, where she knew this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She committed to empowering others. She knew it benefits society when we give everyone an opportunity to be self-actualized and value their diversity.

People can get caught up in analysis or intellectualizing. Then, we can fail to act. Sometimes the culture, the narrative, the value systems, and the structured oppression within that system can lead people astray from their own authentic selves.

Part Two of ‘What It Means to Be an Empowered Woman’

When Melanie started stepping into leadership, she kept hitting what felt like walls. It took a while to get going. Overcoming these obstacles is where she felt the greatest sense of expansion, the greatest sense of empowerment. When you empower other women, that makes you unique. You have the honor to guide people so that they can have a rich expression of life and thus be more empowered. If we’re gonna come into the sense of empowerment, that empowerment is plugged into the full radical acceptance of all parts of us.

“Empowered people, empower others.” – Dianne Allen (18:02-18:19)

Things have changed dramatically in the past 40 years, the needle keeps being moved. Check what needs to be changed or improved. It’s so important to always focus on what’s working and what has shifted. Things have improved, let’s celebrate that. There has been a great shift in terms of representation for women in politics. There are more female-owned companies. There are more CEOs that are women. We have been the ones who have made that change.

When you look back and you see how much things have changed, there’s definitely hope for the future. You’re a rock star and you’re here on purpose with a purpose. So, go out there and live.

More Information About Melanie C. Klein

Melanie C. Klein, M.A., is a sought-after empowerment coach, thought leader and influencer in the areas of body confidence, authentic empowerment, and visibility. Attributing yoga and feminism as her two primary influences, Melanie has been in the business of empowering women since 1994. With over 20 years experience and notable credits including advising the Santa Monica College Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, working closely with Global Girl Media and running the LA chapter of Women, Action and the Media; she has dedicated her passion, knowledge and coaching skillset to the empowerment of innumerable women through increasing confidence, self-esteem, worth and value. http://www.melaniecklein.com/

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