What You Think is Wrong May be What is Right

What’s wrong with me? is a question that many people ask me everyday. I listen to their story and most often I say: What you think is wrong may be what is right. They will talk about being different or being on the outside of their lives. What I notice as a common theme is that these amazing people have learned to shut down their brilliance and value to please another or to hide somehow many years ago. I have the honor to walk with them on their road to freedom; freedom to be themselves and to feel alive again. Watching someone authentically smile for the first time as they become free is the most rewarding part of my vocation.

Over the years, I have identified 5 dimensions along the walk to freedom. I have experienced these as have many of the people I have worked with and currently work with today. Each dimension is a vital part of personal growth and self-actualization. Our human potential is awesome and brilliant. Similar to a beautifully faceted gemstone we are meant so shine in varied ways as we develop and grow into our heart’s desire and yearning.

These 5 dimensions of freedom seem to be most important among the aspects of our personal journey. Let’s look at them now.
1. Learn to identify your personal identity. Not only who but also what you are as well as who you are not. You were born with certain potentialities and abilities. Many people hide their real assets and talents for a multitude of reasons. For the sake of this writing, hiding or denying your talents and assets is a denial of your very nature and this stops your ability to experience true freedom. Far too many people wander aimlessly through life and never actually get in touch with whom and what they really are and also how to allow this beauty to emerge.
2. Understanding yourself comes as a result of being willing to look within and honor your way of being in the world. In this dimension, you begin to make friends with your many facets or personalities. I have a friend who is a geek for computers, a free spirit, hippy type and a creative genius. Everyone has several dimensions and making friends with all of us, including the dark sides, is paramount for real freedom.
3. Your personal healing and transformation is an ever evolving and transformative experience. When you try to fit in and ignore your talents and unique gifts, you end up compromising yourself and thereby creating healing opportunities and blockages as you attempt to grow and evolve on any level. I wrote How to Quit Anything in 5 Simple Steps to help people find their personal freedom. Healing means to be in alignment with who you are on all levels and your life energy is flowing nicely. You are transformed by your renewal both of mind and body. These are vital to being able to experience true freedom.
4. Regulate yourself as you walk through life. Where are you spending your precious life force energy? You are stronger when you are able to successfully direct your energy to useful and productive avenues. This is where you deal with doubt, defeatism and unintentional squandering of your gifts and talents. I find many people struggle with self-regulation and self-soothing as we live in an externally motivate culture. This dimension may take some time to grow through.
5. Liberating yourself from mediocrity and everyday trance-like walking around is your final stage in your journey toward a life of freedom. Here the full potential of your assets and talents are liberated and you are set free from the ho-hum mediocrity that is so commonplace in our society today. The Loneliness Cure: A Guide to Contentment was released to show an avenue for establishing and maintaining real connections and thereby building a life of contentment and fulfillment.

As you free yourself from the common average life of survival and you choose to actually live, you begin to walk the road toward your personal freedom. In freeing yourself, you automatically free others around you. It is the time on our planet today to become the agent of change by truthfully identifying your true identity and then actually taking the steps to liberate yourself from the bondage of self-deception. Your talents are attempting to emerge through you right now. Your personal freedom is calling you. By saying yes, you become a major change agent for our society.
I do not believe in accidents and I believe that by you reading this, that you have a heart’s desire that is meant to come forth in a positive and powerful manner. It is time and you are the one!


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  1. It is nice to be in a space where growing and learning continue. Retirement for many is a deserved ending..It is actually a new beginning with all the freedom to move and contribute good energy and life’s learning’s. It is cool being in a place of giving back…

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