When Your Self Talk Works Against You

Episode 245: When Your Self Talk Works Against You

It takes guts, faith and courage to examine how we speak to ourselves. 

Miracles happen when we have a very aligned message with our self-talk. In this episode, learn how to move in the direction of your vision and pay attention to how you speak to yourself and the negative musings you may not notice. 


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeWhen Your Self Talk Works Against You. ▶️


Key point covered in this episode: 


✔️Our thinking is all based on stories. We’re filling in the blanks all the time. So whatever our cognitive, intellectual self does not already understand, we fill in the story because we require them in our neural networks to put things in their proper place, in our memory and our thinking. 


✔️ Self-talk dictates our lives. Walking around saying the world is a bad place, focusing on everything wrong and dwelling in cynicism and bitterness will also be the reality one will experience. What we say to ourselves is what our brain believes above all other voices. 


✔️Allow everyone — even those you don’t like — to get a safe trip through your consciousness. Negative, hostile or angry thoughts inside the mind can be controlled when you learn to look at people with the highest understanding of who they are and their essence.


✔️Pay attention to your first thoughts in the morning. We always have something on our minds when we wake up. Notice how your self-talk can do two things: 


1) Positive inner dialogue that allows you to fully appreciate who you are as a talented and amazing being 


2) Negative inner dialogue that holds you back, limits and separates you from your own beauty. 


✔️You have the power to tell a new story. Start making the changes in your inner dialogues. Begin to challenge the lies. And when you say: 

“I’m stupid” 

“I’m not good enough”

“This will never work”


Recognize your negative self-talk in recurring scenarios and learn to flip the script as it occurs inside your mind. Because the truth is, you’re wonderful. 


✔️ Claim who you are, and become unstoppable toward goodness, kindness, compassion, and right toward being the change agent and transformational human being you’re meant to be. 



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