Where Do I Fit In?

“Where do I fit in?” is a question I get a lot from my clients! If you, like them, are longing to feel more connected to others, here are 5 essential gifts that can help you see where you fit in in relation to others. When you fit in and are living your vision, it is easier to make noise in the sense of speaking up and living your calling.

When you feel disconnected, it is difficult to live your authentic vision. Being introverted, intensely sensitive, and intuitive, I have had an interesting walk in identifying and living my essential gifts. I trust these ideas will spark your inner light.

Think of each essential as a collective of descriptors that make up the energy for the persona. You can have any number of essential gifts in varying degrees. They are not mutually exclusive. I have found over time that teams and families that have all 5 essential gifts represented achieve harmony and purpose with less struggle. All constellations you may have personally and within your group offer valuable insights and perspective on where your natural talents lie and how to move toward goals with precision.

5 Essentials: These are the essential gifts.

Creators — Creators are connected to purpose and intention. They seek to know and understand the manifest as well as the invisible. They talk about passion, purpose, and mission in life. Their focus is keen from the inside out.

Weavers — Weavers bridge ideas and concepts by being in the flow of creativity and spiritual essence. Weavers bring ideas together from a broad range of interests from the esoteric to the grounded. Weavers are often taking large ideas and concepts and make them manageable so others can act.

Ballers — Ballers are dialed into relentless sources of energy. They are risk-rakers and possess raw power and focus on goals. These are the visionaries who are taking massive action and often lead teams to move toward a common goal.

Harmonizers — Harmonizers are playful and lighthearted. Living in the flow and smoothing out the rough edges of life, Harmonizers bring that much-needed lightness and fun to any project or endeavor. Harmonizers have a good sense of humor, and they use it, especially when tensions get too high.

Workers — Workers are the stabilizers. They identify goals and consistently move forward. Workers are great at getting the tasks complete and being consistent. All groups need workers to help keep the project moving.

Each essential gift has a unique voice in making noise toward the higher good. Each person has an individually unique combination of these gifts. The key is to look within and own your unique essential gifts.

When you let your gifts lead the way, you become unstoppable. Your natural way of being in the world is meant to be your and yours alone, even when others may be similar. Therefore, copying another’s mission or vision and thinking you will do it exactly like them is ridiculous.

Once you own your unique combination of gifts, you are now ready to make noise using you gifts for the greater good. The world is expanding, and the paradigms once used are leaving. Now is the time for something greater. Your heart’s desire and your own inner guidance is urging you toward inner peace, peace of mind and living harmoniously within the physical world.

I believe that we are all called to bring essential connections and goodness to the world. We all have a unique place that only we can fill. Are you willing to look within then step up and be an asset to the growth and health of humankind?

(This blog is an abbreviated writing related to my book “Where Do You Fit In?”. To access the entire book, visit here.)

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