Why Normal Is Not Healthy

EP 204: Why Normal Is Not Healthy by Dianne A. Allen


The word “normal” showed up in the English language because of the Industrial Revolution, when it was all about standardizing things for mass production. We were sold the idea and the belief that progress meant systematizing products, services, and even people. In 2021, I believe that humanity has used up the values of “normal” and “standard” and has proven to be invalid in many ways over the last many years.


In this episode, understand why this continuing culture remains a big issue. Not speaking against the definition of normal that society accepts will continue to harbor divisiveness, hate, and judgment.


Key points covered in this episode:


✔️ Working in the mental health, addiction, personal development, and mentoring world for 40 years — I have seen how giftedness is misunderstood and how gifted children who receive negative attitudes from society suffer throughout their lives.


✔️ Standardized testing has shown nothing of great value in the last decades in correlation to a student’s true giftedness or future career outcomes. The problem is we have tried to standardize humans like we standardize machines, and humans are not machines.  


✔️  Trying to be normal is not healthy.  Forcing yourself to fit into the norm or inside the box because it’s not healthy, and it’s not how humans are made.


✔️  We live in a culture that only talks about what’s wrong. We don’t talk about what’s good or what’s right or what people’s gifts are, or how to use them.


✔️  Never apply the word normal to any human being because no one is a machine. We are real, authentic, and unique beings. I advocate for geeky gifted people who don’t fit into the mold and the creative geniuses trying to translate big visions into this human world.


✔️ Unity is not sameness — unity is coming together. We can be very diverse and still unite. It’s time we start treating each other with respect, coming out of our fighting corners, and realizing that everyone has value.


✔️  Your diversity is needed, desired, and the perfect, authentic gift that only you can bring to the world. Stop playing small and being a best-kept secret. 



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