Why Psychological Safety is Important in the Workplace 

Episode 259: Why Psychological Safety is Important in the Workplace 

Host: Dianne A. Allen 

Burnout levels have reached new heights as workers juggle living and working at home. Whether it’s WFH, back to the office, or hybrid arrangements that function for you and your organization, what begs to be given importance now is reassessing this: Does your leadership implement a culture of courage?


▶️ Why Psychological Safety is Important in the Workplace with Dianne A. Allen. 


Key point covered in this episode: 


✔️ We all keep hearing about the phenomenon of the Great Resignation as numerous people are quitting work. Individuals are taking a stand for what’s good, right, and true for themselves. This occurrence is what I positively believe is a part of the Great Awakening. Gifted people are writing their resignation letters to move on with the old, and to pursue the valuable new that life has to offer. 


✔️ Just because it was done that way decades ago doesn’t mean it’s appropriate today. Psychological safety is required for healthy human functioning, including in the workplace. When I was younger and starting my career, I believed it was noble to be in a hard and painful situation dealing with people at work. In the past, what was “abusive” was the normal thing and was collectively tolerated. 


✔️ Today, leadership in the workplace is required to foster connection, enhance empathy and embrace vulnerability to achieve higher outcomes for their teams. There are so many things that we believe to be true in handling human capital then that aren’t true now. It doesn’t mean they were lies, but we’ve grown in our awareness and understanding that we have a different truth today and that helping people feel safe is the #1 priority.


✔️ You could be retraumatizing somebody in your little world and not even know it. Psychological safety is needed in today’s fast-changing world of work. The frequent turnover of employees is primarily affected by a culture of fear. This breeds a lack of engagement, discomfort in sharing new ideas, and reluctance to make new approaches when facing challenges. An organization can only tap the genius of their humans when they feel safe to authentically be.


✔️ If you’re an employer, supervisor, or manager — it is time to assess if you are creating psychological safety for your people. 

-Do you listen attentively when they speak and value their thoughts, or do you always get distracted?

-Do you blame and single them out when mistakes are made?

-Do you tolerate negativity or nip it in the bud right away?

-Do you disdain vulnerability, or encourage transparency and feedback?


Hiring someone to work for you requires giving them the honor, dignity, and respect they deserve.



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