Why Self-Love is Vital to Our Immune System with Donna Powers

“I had understood, what sickness and health were all about, it actually had a name and the name was homeopathy. And it’s about the ability to self-heal.” 

— Donna Powers (10:02-10:15)

Are you or a family member sickly? Or you’ve experienced being sick, and after several tests and invasive treatments, the doctor tells you that there’s nothing wrong with you? The science behind sickness and healing can be complicated sometimes. More than that, over the counter medicines and invasive treatments procedures pose adverse side effects. 

Good health allows us to be free and who we are to do what we are supposed to be doing. In this week’s episode, Diane A. Allen, together with Donna Powers, talks about how self-love is vital to our immune system. 


Part One of Why Self-Love is Vital to Our Immune System with Donna Powers


Our immune system’s language is as our war metaphors, attack, defend a battle. I suggest we move away from these war metaphors and think about it as a community, a conversation, communication, and commensal eating at the same table.

When we get sick, it does not mean that our immune system isn’t working correctly.  It means our immune system is working very well. Having a healthy immune system is having sicknesses from time to time. It’s like a natural detox. 


“That’s the idea of the immune system, it goes beyond just the function and structure of cells and hormones and a virus.” – Donna Powers (19:51-20:01)


When we’re not attending with self-love and care and good nutrition, it’s like we’ve had a party inside, and the party needs to clean up.

That’s where homeopathy will come in energetically to support that vital force, to create a fever, or whatever needs to be made to do the cleanup.

The virus starts the cleanup, but it’s got to dump its toxins somewhere. It-dumps those toxins in the immune system. The immune system then initiates a whole cascade of events and gets rid of stuff through our discharges. That’s the detox, that’s cleared out, getting rid of the toxic and waste. Either you have to blow it out to have it leak out, and that is healthy, but it’s uncomfortable when we get stuck in it. 

Furthermore, we can be freer in whatever emotion needs to be expressed. When you’re feeling sad, it’s appropriate for you to cry. Tears are a discharge. Sadness is existential, and it’s hidden. You can’t get it medicated, it’s just there, and you can’t squash it. It’s about learning how to let the alignment and flow help bring everything back together. 

It’s an energetic support system that helps us self-heal and continue to self-heal.

Part Two of Why Self-Love is Vital to Our Immune System with Donna Powers

We are mammals that need our tribe. And just like we are in our immune system’s inner world, we need every part that’s in there. And if we isolate one piece from the other or suppress it in that one part from the other, it has consequences. 

In these times of isolation, homeopathic remedies can help. Homeopathy is about the ability to self-heal. I believe that we’re all energy beings, and when we get sick, there’s like a wreck with the energy. Then the energy diverts and goes around, and all of that and when we rectify the impact, things can automatically heal. 

There are ways to use homeopathy as prevention, especially if we have overwhelming fear. But we’ve got homeopathic remedies that will address the anxiety, fear of germs. Fear of going out to the public. Fear of being alone. 


“Give yourself love generously.” – Dianne A. Allen (49:03-49:05)


Speaking to a homeopath, you’ll open up, and there is that self-love that starts to move in.  Sometimes after a consult, you’ll feel like you’re being heard that somebody gets your point, and it’s not pushed away or minimized, but it’s heard and received. That’s self-love and action. 

You don’t have to worry about having to run out to the pharmacy and getting your over-the-counter medications. You can use your kit and then be in touch with a homeopath.


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