You Have the Power to Create Your Vision with Craig Bartock

“If music spoke to you in any way in your life, it can be the best form of therapy.” 

— Craig Bartock

It’s so mind-blowing how music serves as a language of our emotion that it can represent various feelings, and it can barge into the soul with no boundaries or limitations. In this week’s episode, we are joined by Craig Bartock as we talk about your power to create your vision.


Part One of ‘You have the Power to Create Your Vision with Craig Bartock’


Craig Bartock is a lead guitarist, producer, and songwriter with the legendary rock band and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Heart. Extensive music production, scoring, composing, and teaching experience with 35+ years in the music industry in all aspects, including both analog and digital recording techniques, worked and have written charted singles with some of the biggest names in popular music, including Heart, Blondie, Aly and AJ, Brie Larson, Seal, Simply Red, Toni Braxton, Madonna, Tina Arena.


A long list of TV and Movie music composition and scoring including shows such as Dexter, The Carrie Diaries, Brothers and Sisters, Alien Encounters, MTV’s The Alectrix, Burn Notice, Rachel Zoe Project, MTV Cribs, Sunset Daze, LA Ink, Access Hollywood, Dr. 90210, Valentine, and Reaper. Movies Elizabethtown and PS I Love You. Animation scores for Warner Bros, The Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Looney tunes, Nickelodeon, and Hanna-Barbera.


TV appearances include Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, Dancing with The Stars, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, PBS Soundstage, The L Word. VH1 Rock Honors, Fanatic Live from Caesars Colosseum, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, A&E Private Sessions …. and has performed live with countless artists including Sammy Hagar, Cheap Trick, Emmylou Harris, Carrie Underwood, Alison Krauss, Neil Young, Graham Nash, Shawn Colvin, Richard Marx and Wynonna Judd to name a few.


“The beauty of music is the space between the notes.” – Dianne A. Allen 


Craig received a guitar as his first birthday present when he was eight years old and grew up loving music because something about it got him emotionally attached. He started his first band when he was twelve years old as he joined a talent show in sixth grade. When he was in seventh and eighth grade, he had a band that was professionally handled by a manager and started making money out of that. 


He says that, “It’s amazing how media and a song can make you feel a certain way or how you can play music for different people, but they still get to relate with the song.” Anybody can agree that there’s no greater gift or compliment for a songwriter or an artist to have somebody say that to you. Because when you put a song out there that describes how you feel, it’s incredible how someone can take that song, interpret it, and fit it into their world. 


By the time he was in his mid to late teen years, he had lived in San Diego and in one of the most popular bands to play dances. Then, he got his first publishing deal when he was nineteen and first record deal when he was twenty years old. It was a learning curve where he enjoyed working with other people, which led him to an extended production and songwriting career.


Part Two of ‘You have the Power to Create Your Vision with Craig Bartock’


According to Craig, part of being in the music industry is learning how to survive on the road, how to take care of yourself, how to get enough sleep, how to find good food when you’re in certain parts of the country so that you stay healthy, and how to stay focused. Even the landing and takeoff parts are hard, especially when you’re used to your normal routines back home. Before becoming well-known, he was already mentally stable and had always felt good about himself. He never tried to smoke, drink, or even take drugs. 


He never experienced the “peer pressure” that most teenagers nowadays are struggling with. Here’s something interesting about Craig too: he treats his home as a sanctuary in a unique way. You would never know that he had spent his entire life in the music business because he doesn’t have any of his gold records hung up on the wall or pictures of him with famous people. His home is a place where he forgets about all of that. His perspective is that he doesn’t need to display things to be reminded of his passion.


“The hardest part is the takeoff and the landing.” – Craig Bartock


Craig has a big heart when it comes to giving back to people. He’s willing to go out of his way, like talking to the security person who has to sit for twelve hours in front of their dressing room door and ask if he needs anything. Now that we’re still stuck in the pandemic, his goal is to guide people in the right direction to experience full musicality and bring their vision forward. No matter how big or small our contributions are, now is the time for us to empower each other.


Generally, the sky’s the limit for music because not only you get the chance to help others grow their passion, but you get to convey your message through the lyrics when you can’t say those words face to face. Therefore, if you’re musically inclined, get it out there and express yourself. I assure you, it’s a promising therapy for your soul — coming from someone who spent his entire life in the music business.


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