Your Body Bears the Burden

“Our body can’t perform for us if we’re not treating it with the utmost respect that it deserves.”— Julie Ashlock (25:25-25:36)


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about exercising regularly or eating healthy food. It means loving and appreciating yourself for who you are without striving for perfection. In this week’s episode, we will talk about how your body bears the burden from a therapist’s perspective.


Part One of ‘Your Body Bears the Burden with Julie Ashlock’


As the owner of Jules Body Shoppe and a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2009, people are often surprised that her previous career was as a Manager of a Title Company. For years, she held a corporate leadership role and managed people, processes, and operations. Her past experiences gave her a strong foundation to be a business owner and allow her to relate to her corporate wellness clients.


“Our mind is the ultimate influencer.” – Dianne A. Allen (27:05-27:09)


Julie Ashlock was over forty years old when she started being intrigued by how the body works. When the market crashed last 2008, she lost six-figures in a matter of four days, which turned out to be a tough blow. It was an experience that made her switch to a different direction. 


She’s now a Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist trained in the Vodder Technique & also trained in the Cranial Release Technique. These modalities allow her to help individuals who are about to undergo or have recently undergone surgical procedures to decrease their recovery time & decrease pain. These techniques are also effective in aiding the release of toxins and provide relief from stress-related disorders such as migraines and TMJ. They are highly effective in helping those with Bell’s Palsy. She finds it rewarding to help people change their perspective and have the best time of their lives.


Part Two of ‘Your Body Bears the Burden with Julie Ashlock’


There are a million different forms that negative energy will settle into our bodies. We can learn from Julie that filling your mind with positive thoughts will block the negative thoughts from coming in. There’s no room for it anymore. We only have one body. Let’s treat it with respect so it can function properly. Eat on time, stay hydrated, and get adequate sleep.

“Self-care is a gift. It’s not selfish at all.” – Dianne A. Allen (32:18-32:24)


We have to give ourselves grace every single day and appreciate the small wins that we do. If you drink a bottle of water today more than you did yesterday, that’s a win. That’s giving your body something that it wants, needs, and appreciates. Love yourself enough by making healthy decisions. 


Do it for the people you love so that you can be there for your grandkids in twenty years. Remember, don’t beat yourself up in the process.  Prepare your body now so you can have that healthy future and enjoy the things you’re currently working hard for.


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