An Interview with Yano Anaya of A Christmas Story

“When you go from employee status to entrepreneur, nobody ever teaches you that you need to have a particular skill set to find your balance.” 

— Yano Anaya


Life is full of twists and turns. People can bounce back from difficult situations with greater mental strength. If you’re going through a trying time, this inspiring episode with Yano Anaya of ‘A Christmas Story’ serves as a great reminder that you’re not alone. 


Part One of An Interview with Yano Anaya of A Christmas


Back in the 60s, when Yano’s family decided to move from Miami to California, he was about 4 years old. Since her sister was already in the entertainment industry, she was the one pushing their mother to take a chance in Hollywood. So, Yano did a lot of commercials as a child. 


Fast forward to 1994, that was a very scary part of his life because it destroyed the house he was living in. That time, he was living there all by himself because his mother and sister had moved back to Florida. With that experience, he decided to pack up his things and fly to Vegas.


It was a traumatic experience for him and along the way he learned that he needed to address his emotions, even if there were times he thought those things don’t need to be dealt with.


“If you surround yourself with more experienced people, more seasoned, and have more education than you, you have room to grow.” – Yano Anaya


He started his career as a personal trainer in Vegas, moved to Puerto Rico, and eventually went back to the United States. When he got hired as the Director of Education for the Atlanta Personal Training Program, that’s when his ability to manage blossomed more. It’s a wonderful experience for him to be able to meet people who love exercise and eating healthy. 


Part Two of An Interview with Yano Anaya of A Christmas


Jumping from one industry to another taught him that when you start doing something that requires you to be better than who you used to be, it could take you far beyond what you’ve always dreamed of. From there, he decided to open up his own bicycle studio.


“I believe our purpose is to encourage and inspire other people to be the best versions of themselves.” – Yano Anaya


According to Yano, when you go from employee status to entrepreneur, nobody ever teaches you that you literally need to have a very specific skill set when it comes to understanding how to balance your life. 


If you’re not married, that’s great, you can focus on your business. But if you are married and planning to start your own family, don’t allow your professional life to pour into your personal life. It’s easy to get so caught up in the business aspect of being an entrepreneur and end up losing so much. 


He went through the process of divorce and losing his business but as long as you’re surrounded with people with rich life experiences, you will always have the room to grow. 


About Yano Anaya


Yano Anaya is an American actor, a Body Transformation Expert, and Exercise Science Educator, known for his work as Grover Dill in A Christmas Story (1983). He was one of the paperboys in the film Better Off Dead… (1985) and performed all of the voice-over dialogue for the lead paper boy in the film. He also starred alongside Dylan McDermott and Dean Stockwell in the indie film The Blue Iguana (1988). Yano was in Van Halen’s iconic video, “Van Halen: Hot for Teacher” (1984), as young Michael Anthony Jr.


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