Be Unstoppable-Break the Glass Ceiling

redington sunsetDo you want to be in control of your destiny? Do you have the tenacity and resolve to keep focused in order to achieve powerful results? There are several keys to creating the momentum that will make you unstoppable as you achieve your goals and desires. It is time to break the glass ceiling that holds you back. Anytime you have set out to achieve a goal and could not get it, the probability is high that there is a glass ceiling in your way. Let’s break that ceiling and free you from the restrictions.

To become unstoppable, you can practice and master several important strategies.

1. Have a clear vision. This is vital to your success. The more average your vision, the more average your outcome. You will be easily distracted and therefore stoppable if your mind and words are wandering. Be sure that your vision is a stretch for you and will take your focus and effort to achieve.

2. Focus on your vision. Consistently ask yourself “Is what I am about to do going to get me where I say I want to go?” If you cannot say “YES” then DO NOT do it, even if it a great idea. Many noble visions are stopped by “good” ideas. There are many good ideas and follow only the ones that support your highest vision and deepest values.

3. Up-level your knowledge in the area of your vision. Always be willing to be the student and learn. You can always learn more. Focus your pursuits on areas that are relevant to your vision.

4. Develop and maintain resolve in regard to your vision and goals. Resolve means that you have such firm determination and you are so clear and focused that you act in accordance with your highest goals and your ultimate vision.

5. Master your emotions. You will only be able to master your vision as you are able to effectively master your emotions. This may take some coaching, mentoring or personal growth on your part in order to be the master of the emotions. Anger, fear, doubt and worry are real vision killers. Don’t become a victim of undisciplined emotions.

6. Take Deliberate Action. You are here on purpose with a purpose. Now is the time to let your focus and values come together with precision. Success leaves clues and random action does not lead to powerful goals.

7. Focus on your inner values as your standard of living. By aligning with your deepest desire, your brain function expands and you actually allow for growth in areas you previously thought impossible.

8. Create frequent feedback loops. Be open and willing to make changes to the action plan based on unbiased, objective input and feedback.

9. Take time apart from daily activities to become still and reflect on your vision, focus and actions. Taking time several times during the day to stretch, be still, drink water or simply rest is a vital part of work life for successful people. You are not a machine so it is necessary to take several rest periods during the day. This is support your creative pursuits as well as help you solve other challenges.

Along your journey, you will encounter distractions and challenges. After all, it is who you become as you walk out your unique vision that is important. Many people opt out on following their heart’s desire because of the deep inner belief that either it is not attainable or that they are unworthy to receive the good life of living their vision. Being afraid to follow your own heart’s desire and vision is causing such discord in our world today. Far too many people are living chronically miserable lives and are believing that misery is all they are worth. This is simply not true.

Your vision would not be coming into your mind if it were not meant for you to follow and bring forth. We all have different visions and we are all meant to live fully expressing our vision. Anything short of this is an altered state of pain and separation. Well-meaning others who want to tell you their good ideas for you may be a seductive distraction. Listen and still be committed to follow your heart, knowing your vision is uniquely yours.

Becoming unstoppable happens when the nine strategies above are working in harmony for a greater expression of your vision each day. Self-sabotage of any kind including fooling yourself into thinking your heart’s desire is not valid or real is a sign that doubt has crept in and should be evicted. As Melanie Hope said: No glass ceiling was ever shattered by a whiner. If it is in our heart, you are meant to follow. Visions emerging through your heart ALWAYS involve kindness, compassion and care for others. Your heart’s desire will never be to anyone’s detriment or harm.

With practice and determination, you will become unstoppable as your reach toward your goals and vision. Living from your deepest values ensures your success and happiness. As you break the glass ceiling, you will experience a new freedom and a new awareness. Congratulations!


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  1. Thanks Dianne for these great reminders. Good ideas do distract me. Also, others supporting my idea. “Hey, that’s a good idea”. When I seek the support from others I use the support as a distraction too.

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