How to be Lighthearted

“Lightheartedness is the antidote for the fear, the pain, and the suffering that we see worldwide.” 

— Dianne A. Allen 


Lightheartedness is not for the faint-hearted. Being lighthearted in a world full of turmoil, difficulty, strife, and fear, it makes you a beacon of light, like a lighthouse. It took years for me to learn how to become lighthearted. I promise you will experience the benefits physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If you’re feeling heavy lately, I want to share with you four essential things to understand so you can be more lighthearted.


Part One of ‘How to be Lighthearted’


First, lightheartedness does not mean being goofy or dismissive, or not caring. Sometimes when people see me being lighthearted and joyful, they misinterpret me as someone who doesn’t care. That’s not true at all. I care very deeply. I know that if I let heaviness and depression pull me down, I can’t serve anyone, and I’m not lifting the world. 


Becoming lighthearted must be something that empowers you and everyone around you. It sets you up to have a growth mindset and be creative the way you were designed to be. It’s the antidote for the fear, the pain, and the suffering that we see around the world. It doesn’t mean you, and I don’t feel pain. It means that what we do with it might be something different than suffering and holding on to it like a badge of honor.


“Don’t let old beliefs, judgment, pain, grief, and suffering squash your life.” – Dianne A. Allen 


Second, lightheartedness comes when you bring your creativity and your personal heart’s desire or vision together. It’s so important to realize that you are already fully equipped. You already have everything you need within you. You’re ready to rock and do what is meant to be done by you, and only you can do it because you’re unique.


When we try to compare to something outside or let everyone else have a say without really going within, we cheapen ourselves. Don’t let the world views and other people’s opinions tell you that you can’t do things. All of those things can take our lightheartedness and shrink it down. 


You have the power to choose the story that you believe is true about yourself. Your heart’s desires are different from mine. We have different gifts to get to wherever and emerge into that part of us that is meant to come into the world in a significant way. Some people do it in science, in medicine, in creative activity, or in writing all different things. I could go on forever.


Part Two of ‘How to be Lighthearted’


The most successful people are lighthearted because holding on to old beliefs, judgment, pain, grief, and suffering will only destroy your life. Free yourself from any bondage because there are so many opportunities for us to keep growing and evolving as we take off all the heaviness added to our beautiful light over the years.


Third, to be lighthearted, it’s critical to check your words. Words have meaning, and they have a lot of creative power. What are you saying out loud? All of those words have meaning and energy behind them. Suppose we say depression, that brings everybody’s energy down into depression. When you’re happy, everybody’s energy comes up. 

“Allow your words to serve you and speak toward where you’re going.” – Dianne A. Allen 


Lastly, how do you remain lighthearted despite other people’s judgment? 


The truth is, somebody else’s judgments have nothing to do with you. Instead of talking about what’s wrong or what’s not working, start speaking toward what’s real, right, and good. Affirmation is one way to do it, but it’s another thing to trust your inner light and creativity.


I was told multiple times as a young child that I didn’t have any creativity, not by my family but by teachers. They were wrong, but I didn’t know that. I took it in, and I believed it. I rehearsed that in my head as children do. I had to peel it away to see that it was an untruth that I started believing to be true so that my real authentic creativity could show up. 


As I peeled away the layers of things people said when I was little, I repeated them because they got in me. Once I started freeing that out, my empathic, intuitive sense showed up more. My sensitive self could feel safe in the world again, and my creativity began to flourish.


I hope this episode sparked that hope in your heart that you have everything you need to be happy, joyful, and successful. I believe in your inner greatness; I hope you do too. You are beautiful, lovable, and capable.


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