How to Pull Yourself Out of Depression with Dianne A. Allen

Episode 189: How to Pull Yourself Out of Depression with Dianne A. Allen

A year has passed since the COVID-19 outbreak, and we continue to see the rise in the number of people battling to keep mental health issues. Dealing with pandemic depression calls for regular evaluation of one’s personal activities to improve and maintain your mental health during these challenging times.


In this week’s episode of Someone Gets Me, Dianne Allen shares valuable tips on pulling yourself out of depression, shifting your perspective, and honoring your journey in pursuit of solutions. 


Key Points You Need to Know to Combat Depression: 


  • Note that you have to make friends with your emotions, feelings, and experiences because every part of you is vital, amazing, and worthwhile. 


  • When your energy starts going down, focus on cardiovascular exercise that best serves as the number one antidote for depression 


  • Permit yourself to seek solutions in multiple ways because there’s no one answer; there’s never one answer.


  • Know that you are not your depression. You are not any of your feelings.


  • You are fully equipped. You have everything you need for this life to thrive and be happy.


  • Be curious and keep on going; allow yourself to be free of the old part of you married to the dysfunction, the dysregulation.


  • You want to find somebody who gets you. Have somebody with you on your journey, whether they’re paid professionals, whether they’re friends or buddies, have people in your inner circle. 


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