Leading from Higher Standards

We are living in increasingly uncertain times. Many businesses are changing and shifting in order to stay afloat and profitable. Keeping the doors open for business seems to be the push behind many re-invented business and many new businesses. It is time that we are leading from higher standards. As you may know, any business, large or small, is a direct reflection of the leadership within the business. It is time for leaders to make the conscious shift to leading from higher standards. Leading from the soul, the inner moral compass, is much more likely to yield the positive results many are seeking. Each business, like each human, has a soul. Even the sailboats we race have their own “soul”. Understanding that there is a better way to lead than simply focusing on the bottom line is the sign of a Distinguished Leader. When I work with a business team, it is the soul of a Distinguished Leader that sets the team apart from other businesses that are living in a more self-aggrandizing manner.

When the business style is focused only on efficiency, profit, and gain the business becomes one dimensional and is not able to fluidly adjust and change as the business landscape changes. When the leader leads from their soul rather than their fear of losing, great things happen; not only for the leader but also for the business and workers. If you are a one dimensional leader, holding on to the old way of living from the bottom line, look around and see the flourishing businesses that are leading from their soul. The old way is leaving and we must adapt or become extinct. As I work with people to support bringing their soul forward to become a guiding force, they always report more success and satisfaction on all levels than previously. Making sure your priorities are in place is the platform from which you will be richly rewarded.

The soul of a Distinguished Leader creates a setting of cooperation, collaboration and community wherein all people are supported in their work. The competition in this soul directed company is a healthy competition, not one where the people are being manipulated with money or power. The soulful leader is obvious when you look at their work and home environments. You will immediately notice a sense of calm and peace, whether it is a fish tank and waterfall or another marking of serenity. Don’t get me wrong, work is being done and it is getting done with more precision and focus than when the environment is distracting or stress filled. When the work and home environments are centered on principled living, all people have a sense of ownership which leads to increased integrity and cooperation which in turn leads to greater satisfaction and success, individually and corporately.


The real essence of work or business is who you become while engaged in the work. Many professions require continuing education for the professionals. Much of this is development of the outer self from a fear based place of liability or control. Slowly emerging are trainings that speak to the inner development of the person. When you understand that your business and work are a direct reflection of your inner environment, you begin to see the power of leading from your soul. Leading from your internal locus of control yields amazing results inside and out!

You have seen or maybe even worked in a soulless work environment where people often feel alone and isolated, cautious and always on guard for fear of retribution. Doubt is certainly obvious and everyone and the organization suffer. When the soul is detached from the work, restlessness, tension and negativity are ruling the people and their relationships. This is felt by customers, vendors, staff and leaders and does nothing more than hold the people and business hostage.

I find with the businesses I work with those leaders who are incorporating principled living and higher values are seeing more productivity and increased profits. As I work with people to make the shift to living from principles rather than from fear, they begin to show improved health, they sleep better and their relationships flourish at work and elsewhere.

You have the choice to be engaged in a business based on profits and fear or a business that thrives because of living from authentic principles, thus creating a sense of ownership and responsibility. The most talented individuals seek out organizations that obviously reflect inner values and personal ethics that are uplifting and forward thinking.

Look around, companies that take out the soul chase away the highly qualified, talented managers and workers. Women and older workers tend to have outgrown limited work based solely on profit and gain. With ever increasing women and baby boomers in the workforce, it is imperative to become more open to the soul directed needs for living. Millions have outgrown material pursuits and are looking for more evolved or spiritual answers for their work and their lives. Businesses that understand these basic human needs are more likely to thrive because their workers and leaders are thriving from the inside out. The shift is here and this is a good time to expand.

The soul of a Distinguished Leader has the power of transform the business and the people involved. This beautiful expansion touches many lives and then everyone flourishes. As the fear and greed are let go, there is room for conscious profit that is a reflection of increasing awareness.

Lead from your Soul!


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