How Overthinking Kills Creativity

Overthinking or analysis paralysis is the cause of many missed opportunities and creativity blocks. Overthinkers tend to have more stress and struggle with relaxing. In fact, most overthinkers have struggles falling asleep at night because their brain keeps going when the body is tired. Here is how overthinking kills creativity and a simple solution to help ease frustration.

Overthinking Lowers Your Mental Performance

Chronic overthinking actually lowers your ability to perform mentally demanding tasks. High stress, fast paced type of work that is prolonged is a performance killer. Your brain can only process and deal with so much information at a time and when you try to push the limits too much, your performance decreases. Overthinking works against you.

When you are overthinking and overanalyzing things, you create worry, stress and anxiety that causes decreased ability to complete other things like being productive and being creative. This can cause self-doubt simply because of your overthinking.

Overthinking Destroys Your Creativity

If you are a creative and you overthink, you could be causing your own struggles. Overthinking kills creativity. When you are thinking too much and paralyzing your creativity, your actual creative output is diminished.

Your prefrontal cortex is central to your thinking and executive functioning. Creativity lives in the same area of  your brain. Using too much of your resources on thinking and analyzing means less availability for your creativity.

Overthinking Impairs Willpower

If you make many decisions throughout the day, and who doesn’t, then overthinking can cause fatigue that can cause you to have less willpower as the day progresses. Your automatic daily actions like grooming and simple things around the house take little energy. When you are having to use your thinking resources frequently, then over time you may have decision fatigue which means by the evening making easy decision can be difficult.

Decision fatigue stems from overthinking all day and not allowing your brain to focus and rest. To make your evening more enjoyable, take a few breaks throughout the day and allow your brain to decompress. This way you can also make good decisions in the evening regarding your family, home health and welfare.

Simple Solutions Include:

Have a Daily Structure. This allows your brain to use less of your vital resources on the mundane daily tasks. This is a good case for having a routine for the things that are a given!

Focus the Information You Consume. Pay attention to what you are consuming, knowing that it uses vital mental energy. If you tend to overthink, then be aware that you will overthink on things that are of no real consequence to you and then you will create your own depletion.

Get Out of Your Head a Few Times Each Day. There is a great way that I teach overthinkers to transcend the paralysis of overthinking. Overthinking is not an asset. It causes you to have unnecessary stress and lower capacity for your creativity.

In this video, I offer you a 3-step process to help get rid of overthinking. Enjoy.


Overthinkers, don’t allow an unbridled mind to destroy your creativity. Focus your energies and create patterns to support the higher use of your vital resources. Enjoy less decision fatigue and more quality time with your family and friends.

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