Stay Focused in a Distracting World

I have heard it said that the average attention span when looking at an article is a few seconds. I too find myself looking for the bold text or bullet points in articles. Give me the down and dirty information and I will decide if I want to read the rest of the article. Well, I often wonder about the other content. Just because a portion has bold text does not necessarily mean that it is the most powerful portion for me. There is an effective way to stay focused in a distracting world.

Distraction come in all forms from chaos and unpredictability to that good idea that could seduce you away from your vision ever so slowly. Regardless, distractions of any nature can impact your happiness and success. In my recent blog entitled  Be Unstoppable – Break the Glass Ceiling, I spoke about having clarity of vision and focusing on your vision as steps in breaking the glass ceiling. The clearer and focused you are the better your results. There are clear areas of focused action to take that will yield more powerful results.

In the previous blog, I shared a question that is effective in helping you stay focused. The question is: “Is what I am about to do going to get me where I say I want to go?” Many people can say where they want to go yet many people do not take the time or opportunity to ask themselves if their actions are lining up with the stated goal. In my professional experience, many people begin to get clarity by realizing that what they are saying they want and what they want are actually two different things. So many people are walking around saying they want one thing when they actually truly desire something different. This usually comes from the person wanting to please another at their own expense. The inner yearning or heart’s desire will always keep coming out to remind you where your attention and actions are best served. If you ask yourself if your actions are taking you where you say you want to go, then be sure to act only when things are aligned for you.

Taking action in specifics I most helpful to maintain a clear focus on your vision.

Take these steps:

  1. Write your vision. Remember that your vision is your inner heart’s desire or calling. It is one that keeps getting your attention in various ways over time. Examples would be: “To inspire people to become healthy. To teach young people sustainable living. To be a healer of the sick.” Your vision always has a positive or noble motive.
  2. Ask yourself “When I am living my vision, what will I feel?” When you realize and connect to the power of your own emotions, you will have accessed a powerhouse of energy, focus and possibilities. Take the time to slow down, breathe and allow yourself to feel the feelings you will have when your vision is being realized by you. Now, express these feelings in words, art or another way that will be a great reminder for you.
  3. Create a visual that will be your focus or anchor for your vision. You can draw or make a visual or use a visual that will be your reminder. We all need reminding from time to time and visual reminders are very powerful.
  4. Be flexible in your approach and your vision expression. There are many ways to live your vision and many possible expressions. Because your vision is emerging through you, it will take many different forms during your lifetime. Because the form changes, it does not mean you are fickle, it means that the expression of your vision changes as you grow. There are many ways to teach or heal or inspire. No way is wrong, there I simply your way. Your way will change as you change yet that does not mean the vision has changed.
  5. Remain open to the possibilities for your creative expression of your vision. There are always things that you are not yet aware of that could be great avenues of expression. Stay open minded to opportunities without pre-judging value or application.
  6. Take action. When you are stagnant or over thinking, you are vulnerable to distractions. Keep moving. It is better to adjust your focus and actions while moving than to build momentum with the mental and emotional resistance of doubt and fear. Taking action is a requirement for success.

Because the vast majority of people are screen addicted or otherwise distracted, being focused on your vision gives you opportunities that the others will miss. Distractions are costly and can actually create unnecessary challenges.

To remain focused, go within and obtain clarity of vision, feel your feelings, create a visual, be flexible, remain open and take action. As you move into realizing your vision, each step becomes more powerful and clear. By paying attention, you will experience a new freedom and a new joy. After all, when you are living your vision, joy and success are yours.


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